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This Chakra Crystal candle was made for Chakra alignment and balance. Each Crystal represents a Chakra within. An additional jewelry grade amethyst point is included to cleanse your aura when the candle is complete. Your aura is a magnetic field that surrounds your body and comes in to contact with people and energies. Simply drag the point 6” or so away from your body to cut through the aura surrounding you. 

Pomegranate Cider is a favorite. Top notes of lemon peel, pomegranate, and red currant, with base notes including apple, cider, and spice. 


In the candle:

-Premium Coconut Wax

-Crackle Wood Wick

-Reiki charged crystals:

Amethyst Point-Crown Chakra: Universal Connection. Cleansing your aura.

Chevron Amethyst-Third eye Chakra: Spiritual Connection.

Blue Calcite-Throat Chakra: Communication, self expression, personal truth.

Green Aventurine-Heart Chakra: Joy, opening your heart, forgiveness, empathy.

Citrine-Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras: confidence, self-esteem, sexual and creative energy. 

Carnelian-Root Chakra: Standing in your power. Grounding

Clear Quartz-master healer Crystal, amplification of the healing properties in other surrounding crystals.