Manifest A Miracle

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 This candle is for the individuals who need to manifest miracles. If you or someone you know is going through a hard time in their life, this candle will bring healing and abundance. Reiki healing energy paired with Citrine aids your intention. This candle is made with the fruitful tart semi-sweet fragrance of Fig Laychee. Light the candle when in need and let the healing energies help you get through this difficult time and set you on the right path. 


In the Candle

-100% All Natural Premium Coconut Wax

-Wood Wick

-Reiki Charged Crystals:

Citrine- The Crystal of abundance, emotionally balancing, activates motivation and creativity, and aids in Solar Plexus healing. 

Smokey Quartz- Master healer crystal, grounding, protection 

Clear Quartz- Amplifier of other crystals, master healer Crystal 

Made with love and light