Love Spell Crystal Candle

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This hand-poured crystal candle is one of a kind. It is tailored to enhancing passion and love. The fragrance is a grapefruit citrus type perfect for a candlelit dinner, date night, or meditation to manifest love into your life. It comes with a wood wick and made with 100% natural premium Coconut wax for the cleanest burn and longer burn time. Don't forget to save the crystal after the candle is done. Carry them in your pocket, in your purse, or in a crystal grid for meditation.

In the Candle

-100% Natural Coconut Wax

-Wood Wick

-Hand Poured

-Dried Botanicals: Rose Pedals and Jasmin Buds

-Reiki Charged Crystals from my shop:

Smokey Quartz- Used for Chakra balancing and grounding. Helps absorb unwanted energy to allow positive energy flow. Also helps in mental clarity. Amplification to boost other crystals.

Rainbow Quartz- Brings joy. Enhances all other crystals when used together. Can be used for any purpose.

Garnet-Used for attracting love and to invoke passion.