Moon Meditation Crystal Candle

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This honeysuckle Moon Meditation candle is addicting. It fills up your home with a lovely fragrance! It is elegant and luxurious with botanicals of Jasmine buds. Not only does it bring a lovely fragrance, but the crystals are specific to the New Moon meditation. It's so important to meditate during this time as there are only 12 in a year, so we have to take advantage of our manifestations to bring positive things we want into our lives. This is the time when you set your intentions for the month or more than one moon cycle. You've seen how the moon can move oceans, it's no surprise harnessing its energy can be very powerful. Use this crystal candle for your meditation to aid your intention. The Reiki Charged Crystals will bring healing energies to your intention. This candle comes in 6oz glass.

In The Candle

-100% Coconut Wax

-Wood Wick

-Botanicals: Jasmine Buds

-Reiki charged crystals to help set your intention:

Moonstone- A feminine crystal used to harness the energy of the moon and bring mental clarity. Helps manifest your wishes, hope's, and dreams.

Peach Selenite- Crystalized white light aids in protection, cleansing, purification, and connection to universal energy.

-Made with love and light to provide the highest positive healing to all concerned