Under the Sea Crystal Candle

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***Containers Updated***

Under the Sea is smooth and elegant with top notes of Sea Salt and light floral hints. Crackle Wood Wick creates a cozy element with 100% natural premium Coconut Wax. All crystal candles are topped with Pink Himalayan Salt, Sodalite, and Howlite. Comes in 8oz.


  In the Candle

-100% Natural Coconut Wax 

-Sea Salt & Orchid Fragrance

-Crackle Wood Wick

-Hand Poured

-Rose Gold Lid

-Reiki Charged Crystals:

Sodalite- This mineral helps with rational thought, intuition, self-trust, and is associated with the third eye Chakra.

Howlite- This crystal helps calm an overactive mind and eases tension with its tranquil effect.

Pink Himalayan Salt- Used for grounding, centering, abundance and prosperity, purification, and protection.

-Made with love and light for the good of all concerned