Pink Sugar Crystal Candle

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***Containers and labels updated***

Pink sugar is one of my favorites. It smells exactly like the name. Sweet but not overpowering. Includes delicate pink Rose Quartz mixed with the grounding energy of Hematite. Perfect for aligning matters of the heart.

 In the Candle:

-100% Natural Coconut Wax 

-Wood Wick

-Rose Gold Lid

-Hand Poured

-No Dyes

Reiki Charged Crystals:

Rose Quartz- This crystal fills your body with love. It can be self-love or romantic love related. It eases the tension in your heart. It can also help with jealousy or resentment.  It heals your heart in all matters. 

Hematite- Used for grounding and balance. Because of its grounding properties, it can ease stress and anxiety.  Working with the Root Chakra, it can transform negative energies into positive ones.

-Made with love and light to provide the highest positive healing to all concerned