Sacred Smudge

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This is my best seller. Sacred Smudge candles are a staple in any home wishing to cleanse negativity once a month, or even more frequently. This a great tool to bring in love and light without the pungent smell of sage. These candles are fragranced with Buttercream to allow a comforting smell while you smudge. These candles also contain Reiki Charged crystals for added positive energy.


In the Candle:

-100% natural Coconut Wax 

-Crackle Wood Wick 

-Hand Poured

-Organic White Sage

-Organic Lavender Flowers

-Reiki Charged Crystals to help set your intention: 

Amethyst- Used to create a calming environment for your surroundings. Used in Crown Chakra healing, it can help with meditation and connecting with universal energies. Also creates a tranquil environment. 

Tourmaline- Promotes happiness and positive energies. Helps to cleanse, purify and clear unwanted

Tigers eye-Used in lower Chakra healing and protection.

-Made with love and light to aid your best intention. Universal energy used for the highest good of all concerned.