The Witching Hour Crystal Candle

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This one is great for October! The fragrance is perfect for Holloween time with notes of cinnamon bark, rose, jasmine, black tea and patchouli. This smells like a Halloween Treat Bag! Himalayan Pink Salt and Black Tourmaline are both great for protection and grounding, while green Calcite is great for Heart Chakra healing and brings positivity. Dont miss out on this limited supply!

In the Candle:


-All Natural Coconut Wax

-Crackle Wood Wick

-Reiki Charged Crystals: 

Black Tourmaline- Protection, lower Chakra healing, grounding, and balance.

Green Calcite- Heart Chakra healing, bringing positive intention, great for transition in matters of the heart. 

Himalayan Sea Salt- Protection, prosperity to your home, grounding and centering