Toasted Marshmallow Crystal Candle

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Toasted Marshmallow was highly requested and I'm so glad I decided to make these! A mild hint of marshmallow brings warmth. The crackle wick is perfect for this candle as it enhances the effect of the "toasted" portion of the candle. 


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In the Candle:

-100% Premium Coconut Wax

-Crackle Wood Wick

-No Dyes 

-Hand Poured

-Rose Gold Lid 

Reiki Charged Crystals: 

Howlite- Used as a calming stone. Aids in better sleep and dreams. Can aide muscle tension through whole body Chakra Healing. Keep these by your bed to aid in a more relaxing sleep.

Black Tourmaline- This stone is a powerhouse when it comes to protection and eliminating negative energies. All around energy cleanse. Use between the feet during Chakra healing to dispel or absorb negative energies. These may be small stones, but keep them near electronics, in your purse, or in your pockets. They will work well to dispel negative energies.

Garnet- This is the stone of commitment. This will bring love, devotion, and trust to your relationships. Used in the Root Chakra for healing. 

-Made with love and light to provide the highest positive healing to all concerned