Winter Cabin

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This Winter Cabin Crystal Candle is Reiki Charged and perfect for cozy evenings.

Top Notes: cinnamon, orange zests

Mid Notes: cranberry

Base Notes: bayberry, and woods.

This is one of my best sellers and also one of my own personal favorites!


In The Candle:

-Premium Coconut wax

-Wood Wick

-Reiki Charged Crystals to set your best intention:

Infinite- Protection, Cleanse aura, Shield, Align, associated with prosperity.

Carnelian- Power, leadership, endurance, and great for lower Chakra healing

Smokey Quartz- Used mainly for grounding. Also, physical and psychic protection. Can be used with Chakra Healing, usually in lower Chakras. 

Howlite- Used as a calming stone. Aids in better sleep and dreams. Can aide muscle tension through whole body Chakra Healing. 

Made with love and light